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At Austin Prosthetic Center we strive to be a holistic facilitator of recovery for those who suffer limb loss. While we are primarily focused on the restoration of limb function, we believe that restoration and recovery must account for all of the health and lifestyle factors that are unique to each individual. Such an approach enables our practice to build meaningful and lasting partnerships with our patients, their support networks, and the various specialists who are responsible for achieving patients outcome.

Our treatment is unique to the needs of each individual. Taking into account the special needs of seniors means ensuring a prosthetic device is light, is stable and can function in the activities of daily living and community events that seniors enjoy. Additionally, considerations for reduced visual acuity are often needed. Patients who’s amputation is the result of industrial trauma or a motor vehicle accident often desire a device that enables a return to work, parenting or other demanding activity. Meeting with our team, patients are encouraged to discuss their life activity, lifestyle, living environment and any other factors impacting the use, and successful outcomes of their device. The devices we craft, restore function and facilitate recovery toward life after amputation.

For more information, please visit our website at www.austinprostheticcenter.com.


How to refer…

Call Austin Prosthetic Center, one of our team members will provide you with a referral form that needs to be signed by the patients physician. Once the signed referral and patient information is received we will set up an appointment for the prosthetist to evaluate the patient.

From the time of the evaluation the prosthesis can be delivered anywhere from days to weeks depending on each individual patient and their needs.



Contact Info:

Contact: Tracey Russ, President

Suite: G-200

Phone: (512) 937-9310

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