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Robotic Surgery

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Robotic Surgery

Dedicated to excellence in robotic surgical solutions for women’s and men’s health.

When is the da Vinci robotic tool utilized?

The da Vinci Robot offers minimally invasive complicated hysterectomies and aids in preservation of the ovary with cases of larger ovarian cysts. Robotic Surgery aides in optimal reduction of endometriosis, the removal of scar tissue, and the removal of fibroids while retaining the uterus. This laparoscopic robot is used by urologic surgeons in the treatment of prostate cancer and removal of the prostate (prostatectomy). Additionally, the da Vinci Robot is a minimally invasive method of treating kidney cancer removal and reconstruction of anatomic abnormalities of the urinary system.

Advantages of robotic surgery…

For many patients considering surgery, the traditional approach causes a great deal of anxiety for the prolonged periods of pain, discomfort, and time away from normal daily activities that usually follow open surgery. The da Vinci Robot offers a minimally invasive option for many of these patients resulting in shortened hospital stays, significantly less incisional, pain and the ability to return to work and daily activities sooner.


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