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Case Management

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Case Management/Social Services

It is our goal to manage our patients’ care in an efficient and friendly manner. The patient’s stay will be followed by a case manager/social worker who works with the entire treatment team including the physician, the patient and the patient’s family.

The case manager is available to assist in discharge planning. This includes making arrangements if the patient requires any medical services or equipment upon discharge. The case manager will also work in conjunction with the hospital business office, your insurance company and transferring facilities to assist in making any transitions in your medical care easier. The social worker may offer psychological evaluation and/or supportive counseling as well as provide information and referrals on community resources. In addition, they can assist in contacting Chaplains who are available to provide spiritual support, prayer, and comfort when the patient or their family requests it.

Finally, the social worker is available to answer questions regarding advanced directives and assist in formulating advanced directives when the patient makes the request in The Hospital.

The following links are for further information on Advance Directives, including directions on completing them and downloadable forms for completing.

» Directive to Physician

» Advance Directive Information Sheet

» Disclosure Statement for MPOA

For community resources in your area call 2-1-1

For information on applying for Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

For information on applying for Medicaid

For information on Prescription Drug Assistance

For information on the Medical Assistance Program


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