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Laboratory Services

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Laboratory Services

The laboratory at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center is contracted by Clinical Pathology Laboratory. We provide 24-hour quality service to the patients at Westlake Medical Center. Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL), a member of the Sonic Healthcare USA family, is one of the largest medical reference laboratory systems in the nation. CPL is a full service medical laboratory that has served physicians and patients for over 55 years. We offer clinical and anatomic laboratory testing services to medical practices and facilities throughout the Southwest region of the United States.

Our guiding principles are Quality, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Integrity. We are dedicated to providing excellence in laboratory services and continue to seek opportunities for growth within a quality oriented medical environment. Our reputation continues to grow as a high quality medical laboratory run by pathologists offering highly personalized service dedicated to the needs of individual physicians and patients here at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center. We are happy to be in partnership with the excellent staff at Westlake Medical Center and offer our support in helping it to deliver excellent care.


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