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The inpatient unit at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center takes pride in the care that the experienced Registered Nurse gives to each patient.  As a small facility, with only twenty-three inpatient beds, we emphasize attentiveness to patient needs by utilizing safe nurse to patient ratios.  All inpatient rooms are private and designed with the comfort of a five star hotel.  Services include room service with customized menus, plush bath robes, forty-two inch plasma televisions, wheel chair accessible showers and hair dyers in each suite.  Patient safety, regarded at the highest priority, includes simple hand washing education, personalized physical therapy and a specialized fall prevention program. 

The Emergency Department at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center is staffed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week with highly experienced and skilled Registered Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians and board certified physicians.  The staff and facilities are equipped for any emergency that may arise.  Quick, friendly and efficient triage allows for a reduced wait time in seeing a physician.  Our newly designed Emergency Department delivers state of the art health care without the delays that are typical of larger facilities.


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