Westlake Medical Center

Have you noticed anything missing as you drive down Austin’s scenic Capital of Texas Highway? The pink flamingos at the corner of Bee Caves and Loop 360 moved away when the beloved garden center,
Pots & Plants, closed its doors.

Austin’s famous pink flamingos were injured in the move so they are headed to Westlake Medical Center to receive the best care possible.

You can help them return and recover by adopting one for a local charity at
The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center.

How?Donate $15 for a pink flamingo
Where? The Hospital at Westlake ’s Waterfall Café; Building L, level 3
5656 Bee Caves Road
Which Charity?    Westlake Fire Department  (the benefiting charity will change periodically)
Why?a- to Start your own flock at home
  b- add to the Westlake Medical Center flock
  c- support a local charity
  d- keep Austin weird
 e- ALL of the above